Today I realised that I am scared of having a permanent video of myself on the internet. But after getting the same questions daily and filming multiple Stories/Live Streams of me doing my hair, this was my only choice. 

So please be kind, I am only facing my fears to help everyone who has & will ask.

Products Used.
Hair brush & Nume Curling Wand with the 25mm attached. I used the 25mm from my a long bob until now. As my hair gets longer I will be switching to the 30mm. 

Most days this full routine takes around 8 minutes.

If you have any questions let me know below and I can get back to you there.

jasmine x 


Foundation can be a tricky beast, but one you must tame. The base is everything in my opinion so I thought I would go through my beauty cupboard, pick out my collection of Clinique foundations that I have been switching between this year, run you through my opinions of them, when I use each of them and why.  


First up is the Chubby in the Nude Foundation stick. As you saw a few months back, I am obsessed with the chubby face range. I use the Chubby Contour and Chubby Blush on the daily so I picked up a Chubby Foundation not that long ago to try out. 

For on the go. This stick is a dream for anyone who travels or is constantly running around through the day. It is super compact, you can blend it out with your fingers, and layers easily throughout the day. 

Light Coverage. Out of the three Clinique Foundations I have this definitely has the lightest coverage. I use this to cover up redness or dark circles if I am popping out for an errand.

Just where you need it. I love to use this foundation if I am just covering up any blemishes first with concealer, than adding this for an even complexion. It keeps my skin looking really natural. 


The Superbalanced Silk is my current holy grail foundation. I have been using this non-stop since its updated release late last year.

My ideal coverage. One of the main reasons I love this foundation is its the ideal coverage for me. Moderate, not heavy but covers more than the Chubby stick. 

Silky Finish. They were not lying when they named this beauty. Since discovering this foundation I have ditched face powders for good. It leaves the skin looking hydrated but not too dewy either. It is a great base for applying your Chubby face products over the top also.

I can't feel it.  You know what I am talking about. That feeling. The foundation sitting on your face. I don't have that feeling anymore. 


Next up is the Beyond Perfecting Foundation, the crowd favourite.   

The Multi-tasker. This foundation also doubles as a concealer. After applying your foundation, take the doe-foot applicator and use a small amount to conceal any blemishes.

Oil Free. For those who need a long lasting foundation & have an oily skin type, this is the foundation for you. 

Flawless coverage. Big event or just feel like having a flawless face for the day/night? This is the one for you.

Applicator. One of my favourite things about this foundation has got to be the applicator. It is a giant doe-foot applicator and I am in love. It makes application super quick and easy. 

Throws Shade. It comes in a large range of 21 shades. Would always recommend getting some samples at a Clinique Counter to find your perfect shade match.  

I'd love to know if you have tried any of the above or what your favourite foundation for the perfect base is?

jasmine x


This post was created in collaboration with Clinique Australia.


After creating multiple travel posts about our last overseas travels, I thought it was about time I spread some love for my own city. I have lived in Brisbane, Queensland my whole life and one of my favourite things is that there is always something new opening up and you will most likely know someone who knows someone who knows the owner. 

So Michael & I spent a whole day in Brisbane City last week, exploring our favourite places by foot. 


My favourite thing (perhaps after eating) would be exploring. The things that you don't buy.
Looking around at gardens, smelling flowers, looking up at architecture, the things only noticeable on foot. 

Pop by the Markets & pick up some fresh bread, cheese & fruit from local vendors.
  Jan Powers Brisbane City Markets every Wednesday. Top of Queen St

Take your bounty down to the gardens, find a spot in the shade & let the day slip away from you.
Botanical Gardens. Alice St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Look up, don't let the city pass you by. Take note of the little things, the hidden historical architecture, the light bouncing through the buildings. One of my favourites is the Wickham Terrace Car Park. Yes a car park. The circular ramp reminds me of the Guggenheim in NY. 


My favourite Brisbane stores will make you forget about online shopping with their interiors alone. 

Showroom. 104 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
I walked in and instantly wanted to move in. I honestly don't know how anyone works in there, I would be playing with their product and wanting to shoot it 24/7. If you are after local products, homewares, styling props - this is your heaven. 

The Lip Lab Brisbane. 59 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Who wouldn't love the idea of seeing your custom cosmetics being created?

Folio Books. 133 Mary St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
My go-to when searching for new art books, coffee table books or philosophy reads. 

Optiko Eyewear. Tattersall's Arcade, 202 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
If I needed another reason to have bad eye sight so I could wear opticals daily, this would be it. 

Apartment. Level 1, 105 Albert St, Brisbane Q 4000
This menswear store has your man covered.

& next door.. 

Violent GreenLevel 1, 105 Albert St, Brisbane Q 4000
Brands like Lazy Loaf, Kowtow, Deadly Ponies, Matin, Etre Cecile.. do I need to explain why I love this place?


Let's get down to what you all really want to know. Where to get good coffee (& food of course).

John Mills Himself. (pictured below) 40 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
It is a hidden gem, so look out for signage. It is either down an alleyway or through a building depending which street you come from.

Marchetti. Tattersall's Arcade, 202-210 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Strauss. 189 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Noosa chocolate Factory. 156 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City 4000

Le Bon Choix. 379 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Pop up to Showroom above, then come down for baked goods.

Where are your favourite spots in Brisbane?

jasmine x 


Linen Napkins / Pink Porcelain Plate / Brass Cutlery / Moonscape Plate (similar here 22cm) / Vintage Glassware (similar listing)

As a small business myself, I know how important it is to shop & support other local small businesses. Today I wanted to spread the love for some of my favourite Australian Home & Living sellers on Etsy Australia. I was able to source everything for my table setting from hand crafted ceramics, linens to even vintage glassware. Not only did I pick up beautiful pieces that no department store could top, but I also was able to support the seller's dream of creating. 

So let's talk table settings..

Pick a colour to add to your neutral. I always keep the base very neutral with my dinnerware so that I can add colour and mix up my side plates, bowls & glasses. This is the easiest way to amplify your minimalistic all white table setting. I chose pink/peach tones because I am predictable. 

Mix materials. The next step in adding depth to your dinnerware is playing with textures and materials. Add in some brass or silver cutlery, some linen napkins, some moon-like textured plates.

Pattern. Don't be scared. Add something subtle like a grey/white stripe linen napkin, or a speckled plate. Keep it the neutral colour of your dinnerware base.

Don't take it too seriously. Have fun with it, play with different size plates/bowls. Mix & stack them. Add flowers or herbs to the table setting. 


Linen Napkins / Pink Porcelain Plate / Brass Cutlery / Moonscape Plate (27cm) / Vintage Glassware (similar listing)

I hope this post has inspired you not only to get creative with your dinnerware but also to support your local creatives and their amazing craft.
Ps. You can have a look through Etsy Australia's current favourite of Home & Living sellers and products here for more inspo.

jasmine x

This post was created in collaboration with Etsy Australia. 


Wearing; Caterina Twill Trench Coat by Max & Co & Slip Dress by Milk & Thistles

It is finally feeling like the change of a season here in Queensland over the last week or so that also means it is time to pull out those pieces that you can wear in this confusing time. The time where the mornings have you feeling like you should put on all the layers, but as the sun hits you at midday and you are carrying all of your layers and regretting your 8am-pre-coffee brain's decisions.  

The key is lightweight layers. We spoke about knits last week and this week it is the lightweight jacket of choice - the trench.

This one from Max & Co checks all the boxes for me. Large Lapel - check, Statement Sleeves - Check, Ties & Ties & more Ties - Check, Fabric that will get me through Autumn, Winter & Spring in Queensland - Check. I am even thinking I will layer it under other coats if Queensland decides to get a proper winter this year. 

But for now it's a slip dress of choice, trench, slides and I am out the door. 

jasmine x

This post was created in Collaboration with Max & Co.