Shot by Michael Hughes

Wearing Past Season Cropped Knit by Lilya, Skirt by Steele, Leather Sneakers by Converse

Those who have signed up to my newsletter or follow along on Stories know that I have been like a moth to a red flame when it comes to my wardrobe over the last few months. It is hard to believe that this cropped Lilya knit from years ago was my only red piece until recently. Since I have added these leather converse with red detailing (above) Red slogan tees and been keeping my eye out for more red winter staples.

I think this is definitely a colour to keep your eye on this season. 

I have curated some of my favourite Red pieces I have found online below.





Shot & Styled by Jasmine Dowling

Last month I worked once again with one of my favourite bedding brands Sheridan to update my bedroom. After looking through the look book I realised straight away that I needed to (like other areas of my life) ditch the monochromatic for some colour. I couldn't resist the blush as my base and from there I couldn't be stopped. 

I have written a piece on bringing colour back into your bedroom over on Sheridan Life, along with my tips of how to dip your toes into colour or go all out like I have. 

I'd love to know if any of you have cheated on the monochromatic trend and what colours made you turn?

Read the full piece here. 

jasmine x 


Around 18 months ago was probably when my interest in make up kicked up a notch. Not because I was going to start a youtube channel or because I wanted to contour my face like Kim but I wanted to start buying the right products for me. 

As I have said whenever the topic of make up or beauty comes up on my blog, I prefer to focus on great looking skin and enhancing what I am already working with. Nothing crazy. Nothing that takes too much effort. So about 18 months ago I ordered one of the Clinique Chubby sticks in Curvy Contour online. For someone who stuck to liquid foundation, and powders for everything else, this was a bit out of my comfort zone. But this was the start of me saying goodbye to powders and my love for Clinique products, later becoming a Clinique Partner. 

I have since expanded my range of Chubby products from Clinique but I really wanted to focus on the face products because those have changed the way I do my makeup.


Unlike powders, you can't notice any build up of product on your skin. They seamlessly blend into your foundation base or your natural moisturised skin. It makes you look naturally bronzed, blushed or highlighted. 


This is probably the reason I have 3mm left of product in my second stick at the moment. I use the Chubby Contour for both face bronzing and eye shadow, especially on those easy make up days. The Cheek chubby sticks (my favourites are Amp'd Up Apple & Robust Rhubarb) for a natural blush and lip tint. And the Chubby Highlight on the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone and even over the top of the Chubby Contour on the eyes for a sheen on the eyelids. 



For the Chubby Contour I either draw the stick directly onto the areas I would like to bronze (Under the Cheekbone, outer of the face, eye lid) or for less pigment I use my fingers or brush over the stick then apply to the face. Personally I use a duo fibre Stippling Brush or any other liquid foundation brush to blend out the bronzing product because it covers more of my face. 


For the Chubby Highlighter (in Hefty Highlight) I always use my fingers. It is normally the last step for me so I like to take a little bit and dot it along the high points of my cheekbones, brow bones & lastly the cupids bow. The natural body heat of your finger tips also helps melt the product into your skin giving it a more natural appearance. 

For the Chubby Blush I often just use my fingers or a light stippling brush to pick up a little bit of product and blend in circular motion on the cheeks. For my lips I just take a bit of product on one of my smaller finger tips and blend from the centre of my lips, outwards to achieve a tint.

This post was created in collaboration with Clinique Australia x


Today, I put together some of my favourite investment-worthy pieces from the SHOPBOP sale that is currently on until March 4. These are pieces that are fail-proof in my eyes. They are your classics, your uniform, your pieces that you can justify the price of because they will be wardrobe staples for years to come. If you had your eyes on them, this is your time to make a move. 


15% OFF orders over $200
20% OFF orders over $500
25% OFF orders over $800

Ends March 4, 2017




Shot by Michael John Hughes

Wearing; Max & Co Pinstripe Skirt & Bag / Ellery Blazer / Assembly Label Everyday tee

The other day I was scrolling online stores when I came across designer rainbow knee high socks. Yes, the kind you wore in primary school (possibly with toe hoes). This was one fashion memory that I wished had stayed deep, deep down & not resurfaced while online shopping. 

So that got me thinking about Nostalgia & Clothing. 

You could say this outfit encompasses all three things from my high school memories. Blazer - Check. Navy on Navy - Check. Backpacks - Check. It is funny how you grow up and the things you once despised and dreaded wearing Monday to Friday, are re-imagined in your adult closet. I swapped my table cloth checked dress for a classic pin stripe, my blazer for one much more tailored and suitable to my body shape & the bag, well the bag got a facelift and came out the other end a gorgeous blush toned leather back pack. Let's just say adult Jasmine has a much cooler uniform.

What in your wardrobe memory has come back around, reimagined & better than ever?

j x


This post was created in collaboration with Max & Co. I can not wait to show you what else we are working on over the next few months.