No. 1 

Your individuality is your best asset.
This is something I think you would have heard growing up but you never listened to. The rise of the internet has meant we are able to see that you don't have to be like everyone else and there are so many different types of people outside of your school yard. As much as you wish you were like the current it-girl or boy, the truth is that you are not them. You are you, and only by being yourself and growing as a person are you able to be truly happy as corny as that sounds.

No. 2

What they think is none of your business.
Maybe I am still learning this one but none the less I wanted to include it. Other's opinions of you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with that person. Remember that. 

No. 3

Stop wasting time on things that don't bring you joy or growth.
I think this kicks in after highschool when you start drifting away from your original friend groups and meeting new people. You start to notice who/what doesn't bring you joy, or make you grow. It sounds selfish but why waste your time on those things or people? I wish I could cut things like dishes, washing clothes and groceries out in this list but unfortunately I still need to waste my time on those things to live.

No. 4

Say yes then freak out later.
As you hit your 20s there will be things that scare the shit out of you. You don't know how to handle it or what you are meant to say or do. For me this mostly comes into play in work situations but my advice would be to say yes and freak out later. The truth is, you will either figure it out or your mistakes will make you figure it out. And if all fails, you will wake up tomorrow to a new day. 

No. 5

It is not glamorous to be burnt out.
Contrary to the hundreds of posts about the late night hustle, 1000 unread emails, no rest for the wicked, it isn't to be glamorised. With anything important in life there is always going to be sacrifice but that shouldn't be your well-being. I have learnt that things can wait, I can say no and sleep is actually important. That doesn't make me any less successful and the suffering doesn't equal creativity. 

No. 6

Flowers make everything better.
I think if I had a life motto it would be .. Just add flowers. Just trust me on this one.

I would love to know how old you are & what are some of the biggest things you have learnt so far in the comments. 

jasmine x

No. 7

No one actually knows what they are doing.
I once asked my grandma if she felt her age, with the curiosity of when do you actually feel like you have graduated into being an adult? Sure you have glimpses of it when you have to take yourself to the doctor when you're sick, but at 18 I thought I would have everything sorted by the time I was 25. How wrong was I? 

No. 8

Skin first, make up second.
Going into your mid twenties you realise that your skin may not be what it used to be. The instinct is to add more makeup but instead you should be focusing on your skin. The Clinique Smart Range tackles multiple skin concerns in each product. If you are worried about two or more of the following; Lines/Wrinkles, Elasticity, Radiance or Skin Tone this range might be the one for you. The range includes both a day and night Repair Moisturiser & Repair Serum. 

No. 9

The least impressive thing you can be is pretty.
Sure we all love to feel pretty but growing up I felt there was so much pressure (mostly personal) to look a certain way. The inner monologue was dangerous. Then one day it clicked. Why do I put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way when I would much rather a compliment on my personality or work than on my looks anyway. We should rather spend our time thinking about if we are nice/kind/smart people or if we are passionate about our work/hobbies than watching what we eat so that we can wear mum jeans without them looking like skinnies. 

No. 10

All you lose is time & face.
So don't worry about the small stuff. Time heals all wounds & emotions are temporary. No matter the shitty situation that is going on at this moment, it won't last and you just have to get through it. 

This post was created in collaboration with Clinique Australia.



Seeing the world in a shade of rose is a trend that I could easily adopt.. 




What a week! I sent off my next print collection to the printers yesterday and today I talking to you about a collaboration of mine that just launched (pinches self!) 

So around August last year I was approached by the lovely ladies Jessica & Jody behind Sydney based brand Nice Martin to work together on something. We knew straight away it would be a dress & it would be their first pattern piece for the brand. I thought of instead just showing you what we created, I wanted to talk you through the process. 



The first step after our first meeting over the phone was for me to create a mood board to make sure we were both on the same page aesthetically. 

Instantly I was inspired by their Loren Jumpsuit. I loved the cut and eyelet detailing and straight away knew that was something I would love to have included in the final piece. 

I then started to think about pattern. Nice Martin is effortlessly cool. It isn't the place to go full-gorman. A non-perfect, textured stripe is what came to mind. 

Colour. We spoke about earthy tones over the phone in our first meeting so I pulled some of my favourites for the first mood board. Khaki won, as it nearly always does in my eyes. 

Shape. I sent sketches of an A-line Mini Dress, Square Neck with eyelets on the front and back to hold wide straps. Something I envisioned to be worn alone, with a tee underneath or layered further in the cooler months. 


From that moment we realised we had the same vision for the collaboration and it was full steam ahead. We decided on a wide khaki/olive green stripe for the pattern and I started to finalise that for them to manufacture. 

From there they worked their magic to bring the dress to reality from sketches and pattern files. Let's just say it turned out exactly like my sketch from seven months ago. 


Shop the Jasmine Dress Here.

can you believe how close my original sketch is to the final dress?



We designed this dress with multiple seasons in mind. The humidity of summer, the in-between indecisive weather of autumn and as it gets cooler into the winter months. So for some inspiration I have listed some of my favourite ways to wear it. 

1. Let it do the talking. Wear it alone.

2. With your favourite white tee.

3. With a fitted light weight knit.

4. With your classic white shirt.

5. Bring it in at the waist with a belt.

6. Where it with statement sleeves. 

Be sure to let me know how you wear it on
Instagram by tagging me @jasminedowling & @nice_martin 





After 3 years of working for myself I thought it was about time I spoke about something on here that I speak about to nearly every self-employed, one-(wo)man army I ever share coffee with. Loneliness. This isn't a downer post, but after three years of working alone in my home studio I feel as though I may be a pro on the topic.

I think anyone planning to work for themselves, by themselves, with themselves all day, everyday has to be comfortable with having themselves as their own company. When starting out as an introvert I thought that I would love being alone all day. And I do, but there is no doubt that even I find it lonely from time to time. I have a few ways to combat this, some may work for you and some may not. Some I will talk about below that didn't work for me and I know why. A common thread through all of these posts around working for yourself, is knowing yourself, how you work and how you don't.

The easiest advice. Don't work alone. 
The easiest and first advice I would give is for someone to look into co-working spaces. Whether that is desk hire, co-working environments, looking for a partner and so on. A lot of freelancers and creatives take this route. You are able to collaborate with those around you, talk out issues and brainstorm with others (dependant on your environment). For me, this is something I knew wasn't for me from the start. Firstly the type of work I do most days require much more than a desk. I like to listen to loud music while I work and leave the chaotic crazy mess as it is at 5pm (if i'm lucky) until I have fresh eyes in the morning. I sometimes work chaotically and wouldn't feel free to do so if I thought others were watching. I also hate small talk.  

Say the first piece of advice doesn't work for you, I have listed my advice that I practice myself below.


( make sure your parcels require signature ) 

There have been countless times where I have been stressed or in my own head about something and the yell of a courier has snapped me out of it. Not because my new X, Y or Z has arrived but because for a moment you have human contact again. Sounds a lot more tragic when I type it but it's not, I promise. Plus I also feel like the courier gets something out of it also. I am nicer than a dog barking. 


You need to find little ways in your work day or week that means you have to go outside. My example would be my postal run. I can have this set up so that I don't have to leave the house and somedays I wish I did but the truth is I enjoy the drive. I go to one 3 suburbs over that is privately owned and I talk to Deb behind the counter about what movies we have seen and how her quilting is going. You could do this by always leaving your studio for lunch, taking a walk at the time you're least productive in the day, picking up supplies in store etc. 


Sometimes just making noise helps but I would advise not to watch them back. You will sound slightly crazy talking to yourself. 



You no longer have to hear about how many drinks [insert past co-worker] had on the weekend but I guarantee you will after a while miss the sound of those voices while you work. I thought about this for a while and realised I can work with anyone's voices or opinions aloud in my studio. This is a huge fucking advantage. Listen to podcasts, ted talks, documentaries, YouTube videos.

Some of my favourites are: James Victore, Anything by Elizabeth Gilbert, Show Studio Post-Fashion Week Panels , The Business of Fashion, Pardon My French Podcast, Download This Show Podcast. 

There are somedays where I just want white noise though, that's when I turn to Youtube accounts that vlog their day. Their ordinary days. It sounds selfish but it is like hearing about somebody's day without needing to reply. Sometimes when you don't know what song you want to play or feel like listening to something important it does the trick. 

I also have tried listening to story-time podcasts like Serial & This is Actually Happening and as much as I loved them, I feel myself getting distracted and too involved while I work. I end the day deeper in thought about the stories and the people.  


At nearly every place I visit during work, I found my people. I found Deb at the post office, I found Allison at Botanica, I found Jade at Flower Lovers, Jessy at Molten Store. These small businesses hold people who have big places in my heart and even if I am just dropping in for 5 minutes or urgently picking up salad (let's be honest - treats) for lunch they brighten my day. Find your local people. 

I love to hear your thoughts below in the comments on these posts.
Give me your advice, what works for you, what doesn't? Is anyone else up late in their studio feeling lonely?
Come on. I can't be the only one. 


jasmine x 


The trend of Metallics is definitely here for another season but I do think it is a trend that scares a shopper. Of course we are drawn to anything shiny in store but then put it back thinking you won't be able to pull it off. So today I thought I would talk it out, how to wear metallics without looking like the Tin Man (unless that was what you were going for, in that case wear all of this and more)


Accessories, Always & Forever. 
This is the fool-proof way to introduce something shiny into your life. A metallic accessory is your cheat item to dress up any outfit. Think shoes & bags. It may not be your everyday hand bag so you can have some fun with a clutch, micro-bag (that doesn't fit anything you need for everyday) or go a backpack because hey, they are already a fun bag.  

Keep it simple
Let the metallic do all the talking. You don't need to be shouting over the top of the metallic with extra embellishments.
This will also mean that the metallic will read more modern than OOT. 


Now you have your metallic pieces, how will you wear them? 

When looking at my new shiny silver, all I am thinking is "I have to wear blue denim" so I have listed how I will wear mine in the hope you will not fear metallic this season

1. White Tee, Medium Rinse Blue Denim Skirt, Max & Co Backpack in Silver
2. Slip dress of any colour & Max & Co Silver Boots
3. Black frayed jeans, white shirt & Max & Co Silver Boots
4. White on White get up with the Max & Co Golden Sandal (Sunkissed skin optional)
5. Pink silky or pleated skirt, Oversized Tan Knit & Max & Co Golden Sandal
6. Black Denim, Long trench & Max & Co Silver Boots poking out the bottom
7. White Shirt Dress & Max & Co Backpack in Silver
8. Vintage Denim, Blazer (recently found one with silver stars that would be perfect) & the Max & Co Silver Boots
9. White Midi Skirt, Grey Tee, Denim Jacket &  Max & Co Backpack in Silver
10. If I am feeling it, I may do double metallic with a silver pleated skirt, Max & Co Silver Boots and a black silk tee. 




jasmine x

This post was created in collaboration with Max & Co x