Ladies above wearing; Cinquante Heavenly Scent Stud / Cinquante I'm Standing Earring  / Modern Weaving Large Oval Loop / Amber Sceats Emily Earrings / Floret Earring

First things first, I had so much fucking fun creating this post.

One of my favourite things to shop for lately is unique earrings, so it was about time that I created a post around. It coincided when I was studying ears and how different everyone's are, so the result was this experiment with collaging and illustration. Guess which one of the above is my ear. 

I have looked all over the internet and collated some of my favourites below for your pleasure and your bank accounts displeasure. 


ps. If you are Brisbane based, Molten Store always has amazing earrings in small quantities so make sure to check them out. 

jasmine x 


So for the last couple of weeks I have been reading Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin & it has got me thinking a lot about habits, routines, rituals etc. One routine that always intrigues me is the morning routine. For some it may be to just get out of bed, dressed and out the door. But as a morning person (slightly) I believe the morning routine should include a few good habits. So I thought in order to make them more concrete, I would blog about them - logical right?!

Breakfast Always & Forever

I ride or die for breakfast. Breakfast for breakfast, lunch or dinner in fact. But in all seriousness it does start your day off right and helps me stay focused in the morning hours before lunch. I am most productive in this time before lunch and I think that is because I am not distracted by my stomach rumbling. In summer it is muesli & fruits or a smoothie (if I am time poor). In winter it is rolled oats with fruits. And a strong coffee, always & forever.  

 Resist the Phone

I am so guilty but I promise you I am trying. I have been burnt by this too many times. Woken up, checked my Comments/DM/Email to find something no one should be waking up to. Instead now I try to replace this morning habit with something much better for you. 

Calm Down
(you've probably looked at your phone and got your heart rate up)

Calming down may just be to do whatever relieves your stress. Most likely suspects are meditation or exercise. Now I am more an afternoon walk/run/try not to die type of person but for some a 10 minute YouTube work out might work best in the morning to get you feeling alert. Your willpower at the start of the day is at 100%, so it would be the best time to get a sneaky workout in if you dread it and are more likely to pass later on in the day. Otherwise a small meditation of 5 or 10 minutes could do to clear the mind and get you ready for the day ahead.

Focus On Your Skin

Working from home means that make up is not my everyday but skin should be whether you are me or not. If you are someone who is likely to forget your skin, tie the act of your skin routine to another step of your morning routine. So for me that is my morning shower, brushing my teeth & starting my day at my desk. I have my Pep Start system within reach of all three depending on the step. My Pep Start Cleanser is with me in the shower, my eye cream is by my tooth brush because when brushing my teeth I am usually staring at my face closer than usual therefore analysing my bags under my eyes. My moisturiser is by my desk so that even if I don't do this step right away, I will always be reminded because I am always at my desk. Now this last step isn't all that practical if you're not working from home, but adapt it to your own morning rituals. The one thing about morning skin care, is that it is great if the products are multi-purpose. The Hydroblur moisturiser is great for someone who wants to skip primer as it really has a blurring effect on the skin and evens out texture. If you tend to walk to work or a little way from the bus stop, Hyrdorush moisturiser might be better suited as it already has SPF included. In the morning it is all about taking time for the things you enjoy and taking shortcuts for the rest.


The last habit would be to indulge a little. Whether it is reading a bit of book, watch a short clip on youtube, flick through an old magazine, listen to your favourite 90s girl group. These little indulgences of giving yourself time to do something you enjoy and get joy from mean you are less likely to start the day negatively. Even better is that a lot of these can be done on the way to work. 


What are your morning must-do's?


jasmine x 

This post was created in collaboration with Clinique Australia


30% FUN / 70% SHIT

Whenever you tell someone you work for yourself or working for yourself & from home you will be greeted with a lot of assumptions like you stay in bed until 10, you wear pyjamas to work and you can nap whenever you like. And yes you can do those things, if you are willing to not sleep through the night. But the reality of running your own business is not just the fun stuff like pictured above. It is a lot of emailing/meetings/briefings/crying/accounting etc. Some days I get to spend hours creating, some days I don't create at all. Working for yourself means also being a marketing manager, customer service consultant, accountant and the creative in whichever field you are in. That is something to learn straight up.


This goes hand in hand with trusting your gut. Saying No. Now sometimes you can't say no, sometimes you will need that frustrating brief/client/project to pay your bills and that is completely okay. But this is about learning to stand up for yourself and say no when something isn't right for you.


This one is something I am really putting into practice this year. Sometimes I get a brief where it doesn't feel right or I know it won't work for me and I will just say no. (pats self on back for learning that word) But now, instead of saying just no, I will elaborate, I will say why I don't think something will work but what will. What will get me excited and what I think would be an amazing project. Now they may come back and say no or just not reply but at least you gave an alternative. 


Get organised from day one. Get your online accounting system set up, start filing your receipts and get organised. It is not fun but it is more fun than laying awake at night because your BAS statement is due. 


People hate paying invoices so make them hate paying late invoices more. 


When something doesn't feel right, it is because it is not. I didn't learn this straight away, it was maybe only at the second half of the year I started to practice what I preach and even then I still get caught up from time to time. 


Probably the biggest thing from working for yourself is that you become incredibly self aware. You realise how you work, when you work, what things annoy you and why, how you deal with certain situations. Knowing yourself and knowing your habits is one of the most important things you will learn from working for yourself. Take that knowledge and use it to your businesses advantage or for change. I have a blog post coming up that is all about this topic so stay tuned.


Don't give it the time of the day. Don't consume it. It is none of your business. 


This was only brought to my attention after an afternoon walk with Michael. We were talking about social media/sharing/creative work and he mentioned that even if this wasn't my job that I would still be creating and I would still be sharing because sharing is a part of my process. I had never even thought about it before but it is true. I am very instinctive and impatient in my process. As soon as I get an idea I am trying to execute that as soon as I can, not rushing but at least starting it. I then instinctively start shooting it, videoing it and sharing it. Not even to get feedback or get anything from it because it is dangerous to work for admiration but it is just a part of the process for me. 


I am an introvert who loves spending time alone but even I get lonely. I don't have face to face meetings due to interstate/international clients so to be honest I don't really get out much. From when I wake up until Michael gets home I can not hear my own voice or another's voice. So I have learnt some ways to combat this: Vlogs/Podcasts/TedTalks/Music or any other audio recording. I have also got into recording on Stories. It makes me feel like I am talking to someone and helps get things off my mind. Another blog post is in the works that is completely about this topics with all my favourite audio.


Do you work for yourself? What have you learnt? 

j x



A little late on the new year, new me train but this week was my first week back in studio and I really wanted to take the start of a new year to re-focus and reflect on how I felt about 2016, to move forward onto 2017. I am not really for resolutions and instead just wrote down shit to think about this year. These are a list of questions that I will be keeping close this year, to constantly re-evaluate my decisions and gain focus. 

As always, I like to share my thoughts so here they are.. 


This one really applies to most areas of my life but my main focus when writing this one down was business choices & consumption. I want to make sure that this will stick in my head even when making purchases this year. For example, I may tend to buy items out of lust but instead I really need to think, why am I lusting over this? Is it because of advertising or will it really make me feel good (for more than the day I buy it) This will also apply to the work I take on this year. Sometimes I will get a gut feeling about a client that ends up making some weeks really tough, I need to listen more to that gut and if it doesn't feel good from the start, it probably won't get better. 


This question is mainly referring to the media that I consume. With algorithms and click bait I really want to watch the information that I am consuming this year and make sure it is evoking critical thinking. This also relates to my desire to read more through out 2017.


Again, this one can be taken across into so many aspects of my life. Food, Materialistic Objects, Waste, Information, Social Media. The main one though that brought this question into this year was Social Media. I believe that you are a product of your surroundings so I really want to keep in check what I am surrounding myself with visually. I do think that mentally, social media has a large impact so this question is really to keep that in check. 

artwork by Jasmine Dowling


This sounds way better than 'do more exercise.' And for me it isn't really about that. I spend all day at least 5 days a week inside in my studio as even my meetings are over the phone or email. This can take a toll on a person. So this question really just prompts me to leave the house/studio, even if just for an hour. It gets me moving and really re-energises me. 


This question is really to do with time. I am as busy as the next person running an online store, blogging, running a pretty active social media account & creating content, artwork and design for brands. But I do take time out from that to 'relax' but this question is more to keep in mind how I am relaxing. Sitting on my phone or on the computer is not truly relaxing when you can be reached whether it be via email or just comments & messages. I would like to keep that in mind this year to spend that time 'relaxing' doing other activites that don't even touch 'work' 


This is different to giving a fuck. This is more about the purpose behind my actions. Why am I doing this? What is my reason behind doing this? Does this help someone else? etc. You get the drift. 


I have come to the point in my life where I have realised, I am not cool. I worry, a lot. There are quite a lot of aspects of my life that I can not give a fuck about proudly but there are others that I let get to me and find it really hard to let it go. A few things I held onto a lot of 2016, that I let get to me but in the end they really didn't need to. I didn't really care, they didn't affect me in the long run, so why did I spend my time and energy giving a fuck? 

Let me know if you have any resolutions or shit to think about this year in the comments.. 

j x