So next up for the book shelf series is my non-fiction section. Working by myself all day everyday means I have a lot of time to think so these books are ones that help me unpack those thoughts. 

It would be great if we could start a conversation in the comments about books that you recommend so that the list gets longer than just mine. 

Better Than Before: Mastering The Habits of Our Everyday Lives, Gretchen Rubin

This a book all about habits, why we try make them, why they fail and different methods to keep your habits in check. I found this book rather interesting but I thought there was a bit too much in there about restrictive diets that turned me off a little. Worth the read either way. 

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work
& Status AnXIety, Alain De Botton

Alain De Botton is a philosopher (and one of the creators of School of Life). I find his books really interesting while still being quite an easy read. My favourite so far has got to be Status Anxiety, I think this topic is possibly even more relevant today than it was when the book was written. It's definitely one to get you thinking. 

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck
Sarah Knight

I bought this before a plane ride nearly two years ago and I think I was done within 3 days which is very unlike me. Since then I have passed it along to both my mum and my aunty to read. It helped identify that in some areas I am really good at not giving a fuck but highlighted for me where I probably care too much. 

40 Days of Dating: An Experiment, Jessica Walsh & Timothy Goodman

This is a book that I read years ago but really enjoyed it. Two graphic designers decide to date each other and diary about it from each of their points of views. It is a nosey person's dream. 

POPULAR, Mitch prinstein

I bought this book last weekend and am currently sitting half way through. Especially being someone who has to take social media somewhat seriously for business I think it is pretty important to stay on top of my thoughts around status and popularity. It is a dark hole that I think if you're not careful you can get sucked into so of late these topics have been super interesting to me. So far the book has discussed the types of popularity, where popularity affects us in adulthood and the problems with popularity. I am finding it interesting so far so I would recommend.

Self Knowledge, The School of Life

If you are interested in philosophy but want it in a modern format - the school of life is for you. They have lots of little books that are super easy to read and useful to get you thinking. 

Little Black Book: A toolkit of working women, Otegha Uqabga

If you are new at working for yourself I would definitely recommend this book. If you have already worked for yourself for a few years you may not find this as useful but it has some great tips if you're just starting out. 

You are as circle: A Visual Meditation for the Creative Mind, Guillaume Wolf

This is not really a sit-down-and-read type of book, it is more something to look through when you have 5 minutes. If you like little poems to flick through you might enjoy this book. 

Notes to Myself, Hugh Prather

I honestly love this tiny old, broken book. We were at a book fair last year going through 1000s of books and I saw a book's subheading read 'My Struggle To Become a Person' - I instantly chuckled to myself and picked it up. They are just notes that Prather had written to himself. This is one of my favourites:

" After I had written this book I told several friends. Their response was polite and mild. Later I was able to tell them the book was published. Almost to a man they used the words " I am proud of you." Proud of the results but not of the action.

Everyone but me looks back on my behaviour in judgement. They can only see my acts coupled with their results. But I act now. and I cannot know the results." 

Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear,
Elizabeth Gilbert

I am obsessed with Elizabeth Gilbert, I have watched nearly every talk she has done that is available online so of course I loved the book. If you have watched everything she has spoken about this book is really just a cemented version of that so it might not be a must-read. It is definitely a great book though if you struggle with your own creativity. 

You Do You, Sarah Knight

To be honest I only just bought this book but I will update this blog post once I have read it. 



Have you read any of the above?

jasmine x 





After using the products for the last 4 weeks and many requests to let you know what I think I thought I would give you my feedback.

These products are undeniably aesthetically pleasing, but that isn't where this brand stops impressing. The ingredients are all natural and easy to understand. 

To be very honest, I really did enjoy all of their products. Their Pink Cloud Moisturiser is absorbed into the skin really quickly and leaves the skin feeling plump so if you're still searching for your go-to moisturiser this might be the one for you. Personally I think I have been swayed over to gel moisturisers like the Clinique Moisture Surge but this definitely comes close! 

The real stand out products in my eyes are the Lapis Facial Oil, Blue Tansy Mask & Moon Fruit treatment. If you're looking to give this brand a go I truly think any of these three won't disappoint. 

The Lapis Oil (shop here) & Blue Tansy Mask (shop here) include the Blue Tansy Oil that is said to help reduce redness, soothe irritations and clarify the skin. To be honest the mix these two products is heaven. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated without feeling oily (even after the oil!). If you are giving these a go for the first time I would suggest trialing it with this set.

Now let's talk about the product they call Moon Fruit (shop here). This is a night treatment that you can put on before bed without feeling like it's going to get all over your pillow/hair/lover. It is full of fruit anzymes, AHA (I've been told to look for skin care with these, Hyaluronic Acid and both Kokum and Shea Butters.

As much as I could recommend you trying out all of their skin products, I am going to stop with my 3 must-trys. Next up I am going to order some of their other masks to try. 


Have you given Herbivore Botanicals a try? And if so what are your personal favourites?

jasmine x 

ps. This content is not sponsored, and even if it was I would tell you what is up. 


I bought this dress months ago and it instantly ticked all the summer dress boxes:
~ doesn't touch my body
~ a lightweight & breathable fabric (100% Silk was a huge tick on this)
~ damn cute fabric.

One day in particular I put the dress on and for some reason didn't want to wear a high neck so I flipped it backwards to have the keyhole back at the front. As much as I would love to wear it this way over a bikini, it was a little revealing with just a bralette, so I popped a white tee on under and I was good to go. Ever since I have been getting twice the wear out of this dress and it has got me thinking differently about the rest of my waredrobe. 





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Karen Walker Harvest Frames
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Assembly Label Everyday Tee
One size down for a more fitted look.

Jasmin Sparrow Bangle via Maker's Mrkt


Now I should probably introduce you to my newest bag addition by the brand Staud. It is my terracotta pot in a hanging rope macrame/fishing net dream come true. I have been searching for the perfect tan leather bag with cream stitching for the last year and this just hit the nail on the head. I am beyond obsessed and it is worth all of dad jokes it gets. 

I know I haven't done a style post here in a while so let me know what you think. I only really enjoy posting them when they are outfits I am repeating like crazy with items I truly love to death. 

jasmine x 


As much as everyone would love to have me do a blog post including every possible service and a price list of what to charge, that is impossible. Pricing as a freelancer is so dependant on so many varying factors so instead I have listed the things I consider when quoting a project to help you feel more confident with pricing.


The easiest place to start your pricing is with the hours.
This is something you should consider whether you are using a hourly pay method or flat fee because let's be honest you need to be paid for the time spent either way. This may be difficult in your first few jobs because you may not know exactly how long something will take.

If you are just starting out with your first few clients out of study, then you may just be looking to make more than your current part time or full time job. So increase your hourly rate slightly. Let's be honest though, if you are just starting out you are more likely to take longer doing the project than someone who has been doing it a while so don't go crazy. If you are moving from your current [insert profession] job to freelance then you will have a greater idea of your hourly rate worth. 

Always take into consideration extra hours that may occur with the project. For example driving, emails & communication, meetings, or revisions. To avoid unlimited time spent in revisions, speak with the client about the allowed amounts of revisions prior to commencing the work.


Next you do have to consider how the work will be used. For a photographer you would certainly charge different for a personal headshot compared to a national campaign. Ask the questions like where will it be used? How will it be used? For how long will it be used? Of course that isn't going to give you back an exact number value for what that usage is worth but it will help you understand the scope of the project and potential budgets. This isn't a definitive number and it will change for every job. There are some cases where I thought I could be paid X amount and the visual agency at the time said I could double that, then there are other times when working with large clients when they want heaps for next to no budget. 


This is sometimes a tricky situation. There are clients that will hire you for my services then you may have clients that are hiring the package that comes with your brand. If they are wanting you and also your name that holds value you have to consider that with pricing. On a side note, if they are wanting your brand as well you have to really consider if that project is a great fit for you to be associating yourself with. Now your brand 'value' is extremely hard to put a price on. No one can tell you what that is. Personally, I think in your gut you will have a number that feels right for your brand at that time and it's something that will change over time and change per project.


Working for yourself you need to consider more than just being paid for the hours working on the project. Just like a studio would factor in leases, super, taxes, marketing etc you need to do the same. If you're earning above $75K in Australia you will need to be charging 10% for GST. Then you will need to think about how much in a year you will need for a few weeks holiday and a couple of sick days. Think about how much time roughly you will spend a week on admin like invoices, and how much % you're wanting to contribute to your super. 



So what if the brand comes back and says they don't have the budget for your quote? In this instance I would ask what the budget is, then weigh up if it covers my time. If it covers your time alone and it is a project you're excited about I would do it. If there is no budget at all, then it would have to be a really fucking good project for a good cause. I don't buy that companies "don't have any budget" so always ask for at least some compensation. If you settle for not getting paid what you're worth from the start it is much harder to increase your pay when working with that client later on. 

Remember that in that time when you're creating for a client and not getting paid you could also be creating your own personal project that is 100% what you want to be creating. 


Everyone with their first few clients have no idea what to charge or if what they are doing is correct. There is no wax on wax off approach. I have tried googling it and even then it makes me more confused than I was before. Let's be honest though, sometimes you will get paid more than the hours you put in and sometimes you'll be paid less than your worth. You will learn from every client and become more confident with charging along the way. Don't sell yourself short and sometimes it is worth pushing your upper limit and then negotiating if needed. 


Be very particular about what your price covers. Include what your policy is if the work commences then the client decides they no longer will use the work, if the client changes brief mid-project and include prices for hourly rates for revisions outside your agreed limit. 

Including all these things up-front really helps establish boundaries around your pricing and avoids that uncomfortable chat later on if something comes up.

I hope this helps and if anyone has any other tips on pricing I would love to chat in the comments.

If you have any other business/creative things you want me to chat about on the blog, leave them below.

jasmine x


If you follow me on Instagram Stories (@jasminedowling) you would know I have a weakness for beauty/skincare products. I feel like it was after my 25th birthday something switched in me where instead of impulse purchasing clothes, I replaced that with beauty products. I am also very fortunate to receive beauty/skincare gifts from companies to try out. Which leads me to this blog post - the things that are here to stay, the things that I have recently discovered and already know I will be repurchasing. This list is only my new additions, you can browse through some of my favourite beauty products in past posts here.


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 

I must admit, I have only been using this product for the past week and a bit but damn, I am obsessed. So many of you reached out saying I would love this and you were right. It is a gentle exfoliant which I use in the shower daily and afterwards my skin feels like a babies bottom. This followed up by some new moisturisers/oils I am testing out has been my new favourite thing to do at night. 

Shop here.

Clinique even better glow

I wanted to include this foundation because I am nearly through my first bottle and I definitely will be repurchasing. Whenever I wear this foundation I always get people complimenting on my skin. It isn't heavy, it evens my skin tone out and gives me a super healthy look to my skin. It is a winner any day of the week.

Shop here.

MECCA cosmetica lit from within illuminating drops

Mecca Cosmetica released new products from their Lit From Within range late last year and I was lucky enough to be able to try out the powder, drops and balm version. My pick of the bunch would be the drops, they are a light rose gold colour and perfect to pop on your cheeks, cupid's bow and brow. I like to wear this when I have no foundation on, under my foundation or press it over my foundation with my finger tip. Usually I will apply it with my finger tip or a small stippling brush. If you are very fair this colour may not be to your taste.

Shop here.

Face halo 

I have been using the Face Halo microfibre wipes for the last few months and I can now say I won't go back to disposable cotton pads. Not only is it more economical and sustainable, they are fantastic at taking off your makeup with only water. If you have sensitive skin or eye area, you will love these as you can remove your makeup without stinging or irritation. After removing my makeup with one of these I follow with my usual Pep Start Cleanser from Clinique.  

Shop here.


Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Lately I have been loving in-shower body conditioners as I am super lazy when it comes to moisturising my body & love having showers. So this product combines my hate for moisturising but my love for being in the shower - perfect. Now let's get to the smell. I am in love with myself after using this in the shower. I smell like a garden of roses and I will be repurchasing this in the biggest container I can. 

Shop here. 

clinique pep start pout restoring lip night mask

This stuff is no joke. I have probably tried over 10 lip balms in the last year and nothing compares to this. I know it calls itself a night mask but I use this at any time. It is the only thing that saves my lips when they are dry. Absolutely swear by it and already about to purchase my third tube.

Shop here.